In iMaps data refers to a file of some sort (or, occasionally, a folder). These can be reads files, FASTA files, log files - literally anything.

There are two ways to create data in iMaps:

  1. You can upload data from your computer using the upload page. Some data has special labels associated with it, such as labels indicating that a file represents multiplexed reads, or is an annotation spreadsheet. The particular upload portal you use will handle this for you.

  2. You can run a pipeline and generate data outputs.

Any data you generate is owned by you (whether by uploading it or by running the pipeline that generates it), with one crucial exception. If you run a pipeline which demultiplexes a multiplexed reads file into multiple demultiplexed reads files, each of those individual reads files (and data downstream of them) may have a different owner, specified in an associated annotation sheet.

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